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Kibble Pet Grooming's COVID-19 Protocols

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kibble Pet Grooming is implementing a standard to keep our staff and clients safe. Please read each statement carefully and initial:

1.  I understand that Kibble Pet Grooming is only offering services that are necessary to the health and well-being the pet.

2.  I understand that Kibble Pet Grooming is implementing a strict social distancing procedure. Only one customer and one Kibble Pet Grooming Employee may be in The Facility at one time. I will only enter if no other customers are in the facility.

3.  I understand that upon Drop-off and Pick-up, I will not leave the designated drop off zone inside of the Kibble Pet Grooming facility. I will take all belongings with me (i.e.) collars, leashes, clothing, etc. I agree to pick up my dog(s) from the front lobby, and will not have any interaction within 6 feet of a Kibble Pet Grooming Employee.

4.  I agree to providing payment for Kibble Pet Grooming services over the phone prior to my appointment time. No cash tips will be accepted. If you would like to leave a tip after your service is complete please call and we will han- dle over the phone.

5.  I understand that there is no toleration for cancellations or no-shows and if I do not show up to my appointment time payment will still be processed.

6.  I understand that if I wish to speak to the groomer directly, I may only do so over the phone or at the required six foot distance. I understand that no services will be rendered without prior completion of all necessary forms.

7.  I understand that there are no extended care offerings and I must pick up my dog(s) within 45 minutes of being notified that appointment is complete.

8.  I do not hold Kibble Pet Grooming responsible or liable for any illness or injury related to COVID-19 or unrelated to COVID-19 that occurs before, after, or during the time I am present in any Kibble Pet Grooming Facility.

9.  I understand that if I do not abide by these policies, Kibble Pet Grooming will respectfully decline providing any services for the safety of our clients and employees.

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